[Antony Kurniawan]

The programmer, gamer, and YouTuber.


When I'm 10 years old, I won the best score for Computer Class.
Since then, I became very addicted with everything about computer including programming.
Programming is fun you know? You can make computer does job for you faster than you did :D
Anyway, you can see my projects below. :)

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Sometimes programming can ended up being stressful out. And that's when gaming comes in :).
I'm also an achievement hunter, and seek for 100% completion.
Usually I'm playing games on Steam, sometimes on Android, rarely on iOS.
You can visit my Steam below :v

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I also have YouTube channel that now have over 40k subscribers! Which is a real life achievement there. :D
Because I have to go to college, I can't focus to make more videos.
Though I don't frequently make more videos, suprisingly my channel stats doesn't fall.
Thank you to my fans for patiently wait my videos :)
Anyway, visit my YouTube? :p

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